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NOTICE!!! Items must be cleaned, sanitized, or decontaminated as necessary to minimize the possibility of employee exposure to health hazards in handling such material.

Return chargers, battery packs, hoses, probes & pumps with instrument to be repaired. *PLEASE DO NOT SEND CALIBRATION GASES AS THEY REQUIRE HAZMAT PACKAGING* 

REPAIR ESTIMATE: You will receive a written estimate of all costs prior to repair of instrument.

EVALUATION FEE: $65.00/ unit. A minimum service charge is applied to each instrument returned. Once the estimate is approved this charge is waived. If the estimate is rejected this service charge applies, even if we are allowed to dispose of the instrument.

TURN AROUND: The average repair cycle is 5-7 working days. A rush expedite service is available.

NEW ACCOUNTS: One Bank and three trade references are required.

CREDIT CARD SALES: We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

PAYMENT TERMS: Net 30 day’s / Interest 1.5% / Month on amounts past due

TAXES: All parts and service are subject to state and local taxes, if applicable.