We sell and service air monitoring equipment used to detect a variety of  gases. We offer repair, calibration and maintenance services. These detectors are designed to detect gases well before they become harmful. Safety Instruments provides both in-house (Bench) service on portable equipment and On-Site (Field) service of fixed (stationary) systems. We inspect, test and calibrate each detector to meet manufacturer performance specifications. Parts subject to deterioration, such as sensors, batteries and filters are replaced at regular service intervals, to ensure proper operation.



Air monitors require regular calibration. These meters have sensors that are similar to a battery in design.  Sensors have a typical shelf and working life of 2-3 years. We use NIST Weight Traceable  gas standards, as specified by the manufacturer, to calibrate each gas detector we service. OSHA outlines the verification and calibration of direct reading portable gas monitors, at the following link  Calibrating and testing of Direct-Reading Gas Monitors

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Maintenance is required on all gas detectors to insure they work properly. Maintenance includes but is not limited to sensor replacement, filter replacement and pump cleaning.

OSHA 1910.146(d)(4) States that an employer must provide equipment that is maintained and to ensure that employees use that equipment properly.


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Typical repairs involve the replacement of pumps, battery packs, flow blocks and tubing as well as the replacement of circuit boards and displays.

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Tech Support

We provide free technical phone support, to our customers. Our factory trained service technicians can answer your questions and provide you with the information and equipment you need for your application.


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Sales and Customer Service

Contact Customer Service Toll Free at 1-877-832-4737 for help in selecting the best air monitor for your application.

Our inside sales dept. have experienced professionals that can answer all your questions regarding this equipment.

What our clients think about us

Safety Instruments has been servicing our gas detection equipment for years.  We would recommend them to others.
John Mota
Maintenance Supervisor
NAES Corporation

Safety Instruments is a valued partner. I rely on them for fast and expert service.
Pedro L. Herrera, FMP
Integrated Facilities Manager
Cushman & Wakefield

Safety Instruments people are knowledgeable and helpful.  Their staff are well trained and provide the best service.
Al Patane
NE Sales Manager
Sierra Monitors Corp

Safety Instruments provides fast, prompt service.  I am very happy with the repair turn around and the quality of their work.
Lou Merkle
Safety/Compliance Director
Peckham Industries